Can you fix a broken window lock?

How do you know when your window lock is broken?

The opening mechanism itself is made up of three parts, the Handle, the gearbox, and the drive gear. The handle operates the gearbox, which in turn operates the drive gear allowing the window to be locked or unlocked.

If you find yourself reading this guide, you’ve probably gone to open a window in your home, and nothing has happened. No matter what you try the window is locked shut!

The 2 main failures that occur are:

  • The spindle housing in the gear box has cracked, this results in the handle spinning freely 360 degrees without opening the lock!

  • The gearbox components collapse internally and jam the inner workings, resulting in the handle being completely jammed!

How do you repair a broken window lock?

Windows can last for as long as 10-15 years, but individual components such as the locking mechanism can last a lost less, especially if it’s a window with heavy use!

The locking gearbox in the majority of windows is hidden inside the frame itself. The process to repair the issue commonly starts with gaining access or ‘breaking out’ of the frame itself.

Once done, the failed mechanism then needs to be accessed, removed and the type identified so that the correct replacement can be chosen.

The replacement mechanism is then installed which matches the profile of your window frame internals, and finally a new or existing handle is re-affixed.

Once completed, your window will be back to full working order at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window!

The process takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to around 45 minutes depending on the window material, location, and position in which the window lock failed in. (open or closed)

How much does it cost to replace a window lock?

The costs vary depending on factors such as lock mechanism type, window material and location.

The average cost to replace a faulty window locking mechanism is between £65 up to £75 compared to a full window replacement cost of circa £300 to £400 for an average sized UPVC window.

In summary…

This guide was designed to be short and sweet, and with one purpose – to give you the information you need when the annoyance of a broken window lock occurs in your home!

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