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How long do UPVC Windows last?

UPVC Frame Lifespan

The UPVC frame itself is the plastic frame part around the perimeter of the glass, which is often found in white but can also be seen in several finishes like rosewood or grey. Nowadays it’s also possible to change the colour for this part of your UPVC window with a respraying method. Check out our guide on UPVC window spraying. The frame itself can last anything from 10-50 years dependant on the environment, quality of the materials, quality of the installation and the level of maintenance it receives.

Defects that appear in your frames after time include the fading of colours, peeling of the finish, cracking at joints, and warping of the frame itself. The issues are unfortunately not always repairable. Cracks in frames joints, for example, are because of a failure in the plastic weld, which is something that cannot be repaired. In these instances, a full replacement window would be advised. Although we don’t offer a new install service, we advise doing your research on local companies. There are lots of good ones available so be sure to check their workmanship, level of guarantee and of course ensure you find out about what level of aftercare they offer!

Mechanical parts lifespan

The term mechanical part includes everything from your window handle, locking mechanism and even your hinges. These parts unfortunately are the reason for most failures. Window hinges, for example, are used thousands of times throughout the life of the window. The good news is, the hinges to UPVC, Timber and Aluminium windows are replaceable without buying an entirely new window. Although there is a huge range of window hinges used in the UK, they are all still manufactured and so replacing just the hinges is very viable. The lifespan of hinges varies a huge amount on the usage, typically on average, hinges in the UK will last from 5 - 8 years if they are lubricated annually.

Window locking mechanisms are similar in the ability to replace just the component part, no matter what brand of window you have in your home, a replacement lock is most probably available. The typical lifespan of a window lock is 5-8 years however since the mechanism is a moving part if installed incorrectly these can wear out much sooner.

The handles to your windows come in every shape size and design, the majority of which are still available today. This means that as with hinges and mechanisms, the repair is better than replacement. Handles take as much brunt as hinges and so their lifespan can stretch from 3-8 years.

Glass Units Lifespan

A glass unit is the most visually important part of your window, if it’s cracked or condensated it can make even the nicest view an eyesore. Even with the correct care and regular cleaning glass units can fail. From our experience, glass units last between 10-20 years. In some instances, glass units can last much longer, but with so many factors such as quality of the installation, quality of the materials and the environment around it, the above estimate is our professional and realistic opinion.

There are only 2 main reasons why a unit would be classed as reaching its lifespan, number one would be when it’s become cracked or shattered, and number two would be when it’s failed and become condensed. Condensation happens when the seals holding the unit together fail, allowing moisture inside the unit which then condenses leaving a misty or cloudy window. Replacing just the unit is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get your windows back to full health.

We hope this guide has been useful for you, if there you’re on the lookout for any more information regarding window repairs, door issues and glazing, check out our other articles! Contact us for a window repair Leicester.