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Window Repairs Nuneaton

Windows are important parts of any household, offering light to the room and letting you watch the world pass you by...
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Looking for a window repair, door repair, or replacement glass? Use our QuickQuote system for 10% off!

We can cover all repairs for your window needs in Nuneaton.

Over time things can get general wear and tear and become loose or broken. You may have a window handle which is awkward to close and needs a bit of elbow grease or your locks may have broken so you can’t open the window at all or close it safely. In these instances, you will want to speak to us so we can help repair your windows in Nuneaton. Another aspect which needs repairs over time on windows is the hinges, they can become loose, stiff or simply just break. Windows need to be secure and safe so you know you are protected in the middle of the night and that your home is secure while you are out.

As we go into the winter months you may start to notice a breeze when the windows are closed. This is a draft, they happen when there is space in the window where the weather elements are able to break through. It can end up making the temperature in your home not ideal, let in moisture as well as costing you more money on heating as it can take more to warm up your home.

We are the largest glass unit replacement company covering Nuneaton and use Pilkington Glass products.

If you notice that your windows are misting up inside or the sealed unit has blown then you will need a sealed glass unit replacement.

We know things happen, accidents happen every day. This is why we offer a boarding service too. We can board up any area where your window has broken to provide more security and peace of mind until our team can return to replace your broken or cracked glass unit.

We know there are some avid gardeners in Nuneaton, so whether you are fully dedicated and have an allotment or a little slice of heaven in your back garden where you grow things from flowers to fruit and vegetable we can help with Greenhouse glass. Even the most experienced gardeners end up with a cracked pane now and then.

Get in touch with us Nuneaton, for all your window repair needs.

We can cover all your window needs in Nuneaton and repair them with efficiency, top quality and something that will last a long time.

If you notice your windows have a bit of draft, have been damaged or are long overdue and update then get in contact with us now. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.

For more information, call our team today! Telephone icon 01455 850282
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