Can draughty windows be repaired?

Can draughty windows be repaired?

Draughty windows can make your home cold, noisy and can contribute hugely to your energy bills skyrocketing, especially through the winter months. The good news is, that in many cases, the problems can be rectified without having to replace the enter window.

Reason 1: Failure of your window hinges

Window hinges come in many sizes and specifications, (Find out more about hinges by clicking here.) and as with many things in your home, they get heavy usage over time, especially in well used room where you open the windows a lot.

As with any mechanical part, after time they wear down and become lose or completely fail. This results in the hinge itself not being to pull the casement tight when closed, often leave a gap on the hinged side of your window.

More obvious to this, is a complete failure of the hinge itself by either snapping of degrading. No matter the reason, the great news is that all UPVC window hinges are replaceable.

If you’re not sure what hinges you need, send our team and photo via the website and they will be happy to help.

Reason 2: Failure of your window gasket

If you at your opening window, also known as the casement, you will see a rubber gasket or seal around the perimeter. Over time, this rubber gasket can perish or become brittle and crack. Without a supple gasket, your window casement will not be able to create a strong seal when closed, allowing that irritating draught to blow in.

In most cases, the gasket can be removed, and new replacement one installed. We will be honest with you and say this… there are a huge number of gaskets used in the window industry, thousands in in fact, so finding the right one may be a challenge! Here at The Window Doctor, our engineers carry a sample pack of all the gaskets that we stock and can trial fit in your windows.

Reason 3: Locking Mechanism not working

The mechanism itself is made up of three parts, the Handle, the gearbox, and the drive gear. The handle operates the gearbox, which in turn operates the drive gear allowing the window to be locked or unlocked. Windows can last for as long as 10-15 years, but individual components such as the locking mechanism can last a lost less, especially if it’s a window with heavy use!

If you find that the window wont lock, then the gearbox unit has most probably failed, clock here to learn more about broken window locks. However, even if the lock isn’t broken, the drive gear and / or keeps may not be adjusted correctly, resulting in the window sealing tight when in the locked position.

The fix can be simple and may just require a service and adjustment by a competent DIY fan. But if you’re looking for some assistance, drop our team a message and they will be happy to help.

Reason 4: Glass or Frame not square

Unfortunately, this reason is often because of one of two things, either poor manufacturing or poor installation.

If the window frame is not square, then it will not be possible for the opening casement to close and seal well up to it. Often, it is possible to remove the fixings and reposition the frame to ensure its square and correct. These situations do vary between different situations so further investigation is always advised which are wonderful engineers would be happy to help with.

In summary…

Draughts through your UPVC windows are annoying, unwanted and can cost you considerable money in energy bills! We hope the above guide has been useful to educate you on what to look out for and how to diagnose those draughty windows in your home!

We look forward to helping you soon, and remember - Why Replace... We Repair...