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The ultimate guide to pattern glass

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Pattern glass, also known as decorative glass or textured glass is what makes glass individual and part of the room's décor.

Whether it's for privacy, style or to allow more light into a room while keeping peering eyes out, decorative glass gives you a large array of options.

Our customers have a lot of questions about patterns and decorative glass, so we put together this ultimate guide to try and answer all the questions around the topic!

I need a new decorative glass unit, can I match the pattern?

This is, by far the most asked question our customers ask us. Often, the glass unit has smashed or condensated, and they are worried that they will have to get the glass unit next to it replaced at the same time to ensure the pattern matches…

Well for those of you in this boat, good news! The major glass manufacturers (Pilkington and Saint Gobain) have been manufacturing the exact same patterns for decades!

Of the 30 or so patterns available, only one or two have now been discontinued. So, the chances that we can match the pattern that is already in the window is extremely high.

Do different glass patterns offer different levels of privacy?

They do indeed, Pilkington has a 5-level system. With 1 being the least obscure, and number 5 being the most obscure. The Pilkington brochure, which can be shown to you by your Window Doctor service engineer, has the privacy level written next to the photo and the name of each pattern glass type.

For reference, level 2 above is usually the choice for bathrooms or areas where privacy is key. If you are looking to add some flare but keep the amount of light to a maximum, then level 1 is the one for you. For the full range of decorative glass patterns click here.

Does decorative glass cost more than normal glass?

In short yes, due to the costs involved in manufacturing decorative patterned glass the costs associated are higher. However, for most patterns, the increase is consistent. For some special-order patterns, the design itself is not uniform and so can change through production.

As a rule of thumb, decorative glass patterns are around 40% more. For example, a large clear glass unit would cost circa £183 compared to £265 for a same-sized unit in a decorative pattern.

To summarise…

We hope this article has helped you to reach an expert level when it comes to decorative glass patterns – However, if you still have questions or need some advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 01455 850282 or shoot us an email!

We look forward to helping you soon and remember - Why Replace... We Repair...