The glass unit in my velux window has cracked, can you replace it?

Velux windows are a great addition to your home, they allow loft conversions to be flooded with light and can turn a boring ceiling view into that show stopping framed view.

Velux windows really are a great feature to any home, but when they become damaged – can you fix them? In this article, we explain if you can replace the broken glass in your Velux.

Can the glass unit be replaced?

The great news to this question is YES! You can replace the glass within your Velux window. Whether it’s been cracked with a stone or become misty over time (condensation between glass).

It’s simple to replace the glass and get your Velux back to tip top condition without replacing the entire window frame.

How hard is it to replace the glass unit?

Velux windows are well designed. In fact, they are designed so well that you can remove the window casement entirely from inside the property, making the process of measuring and physically replacing the glass much simpler and more affordable than you may think!

Glass Coatings and types

Glass coatings are present on most Velux glass units. They help control the certain wave lengths of light passing though. In simple terms, they act like a pair of sunglasses for your window. There are however a large selection of types, shades and strengths.

So if your Velux allows just a little too much light in, or even if you’re looking for more privacy, there is a type of glass for every situation. From tinted too frosted, anything is possible.

TOP TIP: Make sure you store the paperwork with the original glass specification in a safe place, this makes matching the new glass to your old glass much more straight forward!

How much does it cost

Our mission is to educate and answer all your questions.Well you asked, so we answered – How much does It cost to replace a glass unit in a Velux Window? To help understanding the price range, we have put below the average price range. Of course, the glass specification and exact size can mean an adjustment in the price but below is the price range of what the costs are for a small right up to a very large Velux glass unit replacement.

Small – £120

Large – £310

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