The 3 most common reasons why your UPVC Window won’t close.

The reason you most probably find yourself sitting here today reading this article is because somewhere, in your home, there is an opening window half closed or hanging half way out of the frame!

Luckily though, there are some common faults which we see in all types of UPVC windows which can be rectified ensuring your window is back to full health in a very short amount of time.

Below were going to run through the 3 most common faults which cause your window to not close.

  1. The hinges have failed
  2. The window is out of square
  3. The locking mechanism has failed

1) The Hinges Have Failed

Hinges handle a lot of usage, constantly being opened and closed year on year, in addition, the great British weather can also give them a hard time with strong winds causing them to slam, jam and bend.

The good news is that no matter what the damage is, the hinges themselves can be replaced saving you the need to have an entire new window. There is a huge range of window hinges used in the UK, and nearly all are still manufactured and so replacing just the hinges is absolutely the most cost-effective solution.

2) The Window is Out of Square

One of the main factors to a long lasting and healthy window (and door for that matter) is that its level and square within the frame. Windows that are poorly installed or don’t have the glass located square can cause rapid deterioration of the mechanical parts such as the hinges, furthermore, it’s also one of the main reasons for draughty windows!

Out of square windows can be repaired, this is done by adjusting the hardware such as the hinges and in many cases repacking the glass to ensure it holds the casement square to the frame.

Although this repair doesn’t require any materials, it does require a sound understanding of UPVC windows and come specific skills and so would advise having the repair completed by an experienced service engineer.

3) The Locking Mechanism has Failed

The mechanism itself is made up of three parts, the Handle, the gearbox, and the drive gear. The handle operates the gearbox, which in turn operates the drive gear allowing the window to be locked or unlocked.

If you find that the window wont lock, then the gearbox unit has most probably failed, clock here to learn more about broken window locks. However, even if the lock isn’t broken, the drive gear and / or keeps may not be adjusted correctly, resulting in the window sealing tight when in the locked position.

The fix can be simple and may just require a service and adjustment by a competent DIY fan. But if you’re looking for some assistance, drop our team a message and they will be happy to help.

I hope this guide to explain the 3 most common reasons your UPVC widow won’t close was useful, if you have any other widow or door repair questions be sure to take a look at our other guides, comparisons and videos in the KnowledgeBase

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