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Can you replace a broken door handle?

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Can you replace a broken door handle?

We’ve all heard those famous words as we pull away from the house… Did you remember to lock the front door?

Your front door is the first thing you use after coming home from a long day at work and probably the last thing you check on before heading off to sleep each evening.

As a result, your door handle gets used a lot… and we mean a lot! After time they can become worn, the mechanism can become lose or even fail, and the colour can fade and chip away.

At some point in time, it may be today, or it may be in a few years, the question of ‘do we need a new front door? Ours is looking old’ will come up!

The reason for this Is that many people associate a worn or broken handle with needing an entire new front door – Well, we’ve got some great news for you, this is not true!

It is 100% possible to replace your old and tiered door handle with a new one without needing to replace your entire door, saving you thousands!

In this guide, we look at the options when it comes to replacing door handles, what door types is it possible on and discuss pricing. We even include a pricing guide!

Can you replace a door handle on both a UPVC and Composite Door?

UPVC Doors are the most common type of front doors found in the UK, closely followed by Composite.

With UPVC door, in almost 99.9% of cases, a replacement door handle is possible. No matter the age, colour, or manufacturer it is possible to remove your old and worn door handle and replace with a brand new one.

Composite doors, however, have a slightly lower percentage…. Around 90%. The reason for this is that some composite doors are bespoke made and so have the door routed to accommodate the door handle and other hardware. This makes the job of sourcing a new handle a little trickier.

Don’t panic about finding this out before calling us though, our expert service technicians can confirm all the above during a free home visit.

Is it an easier job to replace the door handle?

If you looked at how swift and efficiently our service engineers install a new handle, you may think yes, it is an easy job. However, as with many things in life, the magic is in the preparation. The install of a handle is in fact relatively simple, with some simple tools and a good DIY understanding it can be completed.

The knowledge comes in to knowing the handle PZ measurement, whether its sprung or not, and of course, if the handle has a single spindle or is split spindle! These terms may seem a little alien, but they’re all needed to ensure the right handle is selected for your door.

Our service engineers are trained, knowledgeable and have the right tools and equipment to obtain these measurements quickly during out initial home visit – so don’t worry about learning the science of handles, we’re happy to help.

How much does a replacement front door handle cost?

Door handles range from type, to colour, to material and so on, so although we can’t out and exact price on the cost of replacing your broken door handle, we have below out a guide with price ranges to help.

Replacement handle for a UPVC Door – between £80 and £95

Replacement handle for a Composite Door – between £90 and £120

Can I change the colour of my front door handle?

The world is your oyster…. Well, the door world that is. There are lots of colours available, but not even the team at The Window Doctor can source a pink handle. (Sorry if that was your preference!)

However, on a more serious note, just because your door originally came with a white handle, doesn’t mean the new one should be white as well. Your new handle could be brushed silver, chrome, gold, or if you’re feeling extra suave, black is very much in vogue at the moment!

And remember, if you’re changing your door handle, why not change your letter plate at the same time to match… we will cover this in a KnowledgeBase article soon!

To wrap things up...

We hope this article has made you more KnowledgeBase of your options when it comes to your front door handle queries.

In summary, your door gets used a lot, gets looked at a lot, and, unfortunately, gets neglected a lot. So next time you’re reaching out to grab that same old door handle, take a moment to think…. Is it time you upgraded your handle and give your entrance door a new lease of life?

Remember, Why Replace… We Repair…