Can you repair misted double glazing?

A home's windows can truly make or break the indoor environment. Of course, clean windows make a room look more spacious and flooded with natural light. However, windows also cover the extremely important role of providing insulation - making our homes more energy-efficiency and creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

If you have started to notice that your windows are misting up, you might be wondering whether it is finally time to replace them with new ones. But there is no need to fret! You can replace your windows' sealed unit on a budget! Learn how below.

What Causes Misty Windows?

The mist on your window is caused by condensation. If this occasionally happens on the window's outer surface, that might be because of a steep difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. However, when this happens between the panes of your double glazed windows, you should seek expert advice.

What Is Condensation?

Condensation is the mist and water particles that you will notice on your window's surface. It happens when the temperature on the two sides of the glass is different. This can happen when the outside temperature is much lower than the indoor ones. This used to be a considerable problem during the time of single-glazed windows because there was no thermal barrier between the two glass panes.

However, with the advent of double-glazed windows, the middle sealed unit creates a space between the two panes, which are not meant to show condensation effects.

How Does The Sealed Unit Work?

A sealed unit is the glass panes of the window, each sealed unit is made up of two singles panes of glass which are sealed together creating an air gap between . This space is airtight, meaning now moisture or contaminants can get between the two panes. The space filled with gas acts as a thermal barrier between the indoor and outdoor temperature - this is called a void. Thanks to this space, the cold air from outside won't ever get into contact with the interior glass pane.

However, if you have started to notice that the inner section of your windows becomes misty and covered in condensation, it means that the unit bar has broke down, allowing air and moisture to get within the void.

If this has happened, you won't only have to deal with condensation problems but suffer from lower room and house insulation which, in turn, will make your property less energy efficient.

Can Misty Windows Be Repaired?

Yes. The sealed glass units within your windows can be replaced, which is the most cost effective solution.

How Can The Window Doctor Help You?

When dealing with a misty glass unit, the first question you have is whether you actually have to replace your entire window. Luckily the answer is No - All you will need to do is replace the sealed unit which has failed. Here at The Window Doctor, we offer replacement sealed glass units across the Hinckley, Leicester, and Nuneaton areas - get in touch today!