5 Things you need to know before choosing a Window Replacement Company!

Considering our strap line, WHY REPLACE… WE REPAIR… it might seem a little odd this article has the sole objective of helping you in choosing what company to buy your new windows from, so let me explain.

We visit over 3000 homes each year to repair windows and doors, and sometimes, even we must admit that some windows just can’t be repaired, or even if they can, it may not always be cost effective.

As such, we’re realistic, and although on these few occasions we can’t help directly, we are keen as mustard to help in making you as knowledgeable as possible so you can make the right choice in selecting your new window company. So below, we’ve put together the top 5 most important things you need to know before choosing where to spend your money, so let’s get into it…

5 Things you need to know before choosing a Window Replacement Company!

1. Check their reviews.
2. Ensure the quote is itemised and in writing.
3. Make sure they are fully insured.
4. Confirm if they use sub-contractors or employed fitters.
5. Ask about the warranty / certification.

1) Check the reviews

This may seem obvious but checking a company’s reviews can tell you a lot more than just who liked their service. Take note of not only how many positives and negatives they have, but also the dates of each review. This could tell you how long the business has been in business if there was a period when they have a spate of bad reviews and much more.

Reviews and testimonials can often be found on the company’s website, so start there as alongside them they may have photos of the installations they have completed to back the review up.

Better still, ask if it’s possible to visit an installation they’ve completed so you can see the installation yourself.

2) Ensure the quote is itemised and in writing

This is so important. Like any profession or industry, the window world has a lot of jargon and technical talk which can (if the widow company is not one of the nice bunch.) be used to confuse, hide, and increase the price.

Ensure the quote you receive is fully itemised and costed accordingly, and once you have it in hand don’t be shy to ask to sit down and go through each line to ensure you understand every part. The purchase of new windows is a large one, and it’s important to have trust in your chosen company and understand what you’re paying for.

3) Make sure they are fully insured

This question is so often brushed over, so don’t just take their word for it. Ask for a copy of their insurance to be sent at the same time as the itemised quotation. You may think it’s not important, but, if for example, the removal of a window goes wrong and the external wall collapses or has serious structural damage that insurance policy will become critical in how you move forward.

4) Ask if they use Sub-Contractors or employed fitters

This question dives a little deeper into the inner workings of the window world, so let me explain...

Most window companies don’t employ their window fitters directly. They are legally self-employed and so subcontract to the company for a fixed period or for a specific project.

So how does this affect you in choosing the right company? Well, it may not if the fitter is good. However, if you’ve spent the time to choose a specific company that you trust, and then they subcontract the fitting of those windows to a third party which doesn’t adhere to the same high standards, you could be left with a poor customer experience. Now, this does not mean that using sub-contractors is bad, the majority are outstanding tradesmen and tradeswomen who take huge pride in their work. Either way, by asking the question you can understand if they are employed or sub-contracted, how long they have been working with the window company and if they have a good reputation and so on.

5) Ask about the Warranty & Certification.

This is always covered at the point of sale, but often forgotten about as the installation approaches its completion. The need to have a FENSA or CERTASS certification is critical on completion of your installation. The possession of either of these certificates confirms that your installation has been completed to include the below:

- Been installed to conform with building regulations
- Demonstrates the installations energy efficiency
- Ensures it is registered with the local authority
- Verifies that the installers guarantee is insured

Furthermore, the FENSA or CERTASS certificate is essential when selling your property. As mentioned at the start of this section, many people are so happy with the completion of their new windows that they forget to chase their certificate, so don’t forget to get your hands on yours!

In summary…

We wish we could repair everything, but sometime even the best must admit that a repair just isn’t possible. So, when this is the case, we hope the above is useful.

Even if after reading this article you're still ensure, give our team a call on 01455 850282 and we will be happy to give you some advice and point you towards some local reputable companies.

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