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What is UPVC Window Spraying?

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In recent years, a method of spraying your existing UPVC windows has become well known. The method allows you to transform your existing windows choosing from a wide range of colours from popular Anthracite Grey to Cream, Green and much more!

If done correctly and to a high-quality standard, the finished product can leave your windows looking like new and at a fraction of the cost of replacing them!

How to choose the right company to spray your windows?

As with any home improvement tasks and services, the options of who to use to undertake the work is vast.

Here at The Window Doctor, we don’t spray windows, but we hope the below will be useful to help you when choosing which company to use…

  • Check their reviews. The professionals will have happy customers, and reviews will be a good starting point to help in choosing the right company.
  • Research what guarantee they offer. There is nothing worse than paying for all of the windows in your home to be sprayed only to see the paint flaking away within a year or so!
  • Research the quality of the materials used. Like any industry, you can buy high quality materials, or low-quality materials.
  • Finally, go and see a finished project. Ask the company if you can arrange to visit a property they’ve already completed. Most customers would be happy to show off their new spray job if they are happy with the finish. So, if you can get the opportunity, go and see, touch, and understand how it will look before deciding.

What to get completed before you spray your windows…

So, you’ve completed your research, chosen your spraying company, and the date is set. Is there anything else to think about? Well, the answer is yes!

Before your window frames begin their transformation, you should be thinking about fixing or repairing any issues or faults with them. Now is also the best time to replace any condensated or misty glass units.

The reason being that replacing hinges, locking mechanisms and glass will most likely involve some minor cracking to the paint finish. Glass units for example, are held in with a plastic bead, the bead is held in by clipping into a grove in the profile of the frame. When removing the bead, the plastic can temporarily flex potentially causing the new paint finish to crack. Tackling these repairs before the spraying will remove any change of damage to the finish.

So the final task to do before going ahead with your window spraying is to:

  • Ensure your hinges work correctly and you don’t have any draughts coming in through the frames.
  • Check to see if any of your glass units have condensated or become misty.
  • Check your windows lock and your handles function correctly

If you do need any of the above, our team are able to arrange a free appointment to diagnose any faults and repair rather than replace, ensuing your windows are back to full health and ready for a new lease of life when they have their colour transformation.