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What are window trickle vents and why are they the cause of your draught problem?

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In the grand tapestry of your home, there are issues that scream for attention— Your cooker breaking, the toilet not flushing, or heaven forbid the kettle breaking. And then there are the subtle assassins, the little things that you hardly notice until you do. Today, let's roll out the red carpet for one of these modest yet mighty inconveniences: the uPVC window trickle vent. Yes, you read that right. Grab your popcorn, folks—it’s time to talk ventilation!

So what is a Trickle vent and why do I have them?

A uPVC window trickle vent is what was initially described as the unsung hero in the world of window accessories. It's a small, barely noticeable feature installed in the frames of uPVC windows, designed to prevent your home from becoming a science experiment in mould cultivation. Its primary role? To allow a steady, sneaky stream of fresh air into your fortress of solitude without the drama of swinging windows wide open and inviting in the neighbourhood’s collection of bugs and breezes.

In the damp, often sulky UK climate—where homes are sealed tighter than a drum to keep out the chill—trickle vents step up as the silent guardians of indoor air quality. Without them, your beautifully insulated abode could turn into a swampy haunt for condensation and the resulting mould spores that love to party in moist conditions.

Trickle vents work quietly behind the scenes, ensuring that the air in your home stays as fresh as a reality TV series, without any major plot twists like skyrocketing energy bills or gusts that send papers flying. Or so they said..

Here in the UK, building regulations mandating adequate ventilation, including the use of trickle vents on uPVC windows, began to be enforced more strictly with updates to Building Regulations Part F in 2010. This ensures consistent airflow to curb moisture and pollutant build-up, crucial for health reasons and legal conformity in construction.

The reality of the Trickle vent, however, is much less success and a lot more stress…

Why are my trickle vents the problem?

Introduced as part of the UK's updated Building Regulations Part F, trickle vents in uPVC windows were designed to enhance indoor air quality by ensuring continuous airflow. However, their installation has not been without its downsides. Many homeowners report that these vents can introduce unwelcome drafts, particularly noticeable during the colder months. Additionally, the vents often become inadvertent conduits for external noise, disrupting the tranquillity of home environments. While their purpose—to mitigate moisture and reduce pollutant build-up—remains commendable, the trade-off in terms of increased drafts and noise pollution has left some questioning their overall benefit in residential settings.

But hang on, what if there’s something else wrong…

If you are here to solve the issue of a draughty window or windows, then reading the above may not be filling you with happiness. As they are a legal requirement, there is not a lot that can be done to stop the negative consequences of their existence, but if you want some inside advice, call our office on 014555 850282, and we would be happy to give you some tips…

Back to the positives though, before you stand sternly looking in anger at your trickle vents, check for TWO things, if your windows have any of these the draught may not be related to your Trickle Vent and so can be rectified!

Check that your window handles operate correctly, and the lock is functioning.
Check that the window can open fully and then close fully without too much effort.
Check that the opening windows seal tight to the frame (check for gaps around the black rubber gasket.

If any or all of the above is happening, get in touch, we have a solution for that!

To summarise…

To summarise, Trickle Vents were mandated in homes as part of the Building Regulations changes, and so removing your trickle vents is not allowable.

However, if the vent itself is damaged or missing, we can supply and install new ones to make your window fully operational and less of an eyesore!

If, however, after reading this, you’ve discovered that the trickle vent is not at fault and it’s one of the other points raised, then get in touch!

We can arrange a free quote to get your problem solved. Quickly!

If you have any further questions about Trickle Vents or window repairs in general or wish to speak to a member of the team then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 01455 850282 or shoot us an email!

We look forward to helping you soon, and remember - Why Replace... We Repair...