Standard Hinges V Fire Escape Hinges V Easy Clean Hinges V Restricted Hinges - What is the difference?

All window hinges are the same right? Well… not exactly!

On UPVC windows, there are 4 main types of window hinges used depending on the style of the window and its location in your home.

In this article, we dive into what the different hinges are, what makes them different and where are they used!

Standard Window Hinges

What are they?
Standard window hinges do what they say on the tin, these are the most basic (of cost-effective) window hinges available, they are usually stainless steel and come in a side opening or top opening configuration.

Where are they used?

The majority of windows on the ground floor of your property will have this style of window hinge, clean simple and cost-effective they are cost-effective and dependable. They are also used on small top-opening windows around your home.

Fire Escape Window Hinges?

What are they?
Fire escape specification hinges are designed with one thing in mind – a way to escape in an emergency! Unlike standard hinges, fire escape window hinges open up further, allowing the window casement to open to a full 90-degree angle without encroaching on the widow void. This gives you a much larger opening to escape from if the worst was to happen.

Where are they used?

Fire escape hinges are seen mostly on above-floor levels, but they can be required to be used within ground-floor rooms if the room doesn’t have direct access to a hallway. The simple rule is, any habitable room should have at least one window with fire escape hinges installed.

Easy Clean Window Hinges

What are they?
Easy Clean Hinges are self-explanatory. These types of hinges provide a solution to that age-old issue of not being able to clean the outside of your upstairs windows. They allow you to reach both sides of the glass by having a feature that allows the casement to slide along the hinge into the centre of the void.

Where are they used?

These hinges are great for those hard-to-access windows above ground level, or on three-storey homes or flats where not even a ladder could reach them safely. They are a great feature, but in our experience, they do take some getting used to when operating them.

Restricted Window Hinges

What are they?
Restrictor hinges prevent the window from opening past a certain point, the amount they normally open to is around 100mm. This gives you a safety element to your windows for children or vulnerable people. It's worth noting that most restrictors can be overridden with a hidden button giving you the best of both worlds.

Where are they used?

Restricted window hinges are used in a variety of residential settings, for places such as care homes they are mandatory. However, the use of them in your own home is at your discretion. For children's rooms or rooms where the windows are lower than normal, they can be a great addition to improve safety and give you peace of mind!

To summarise…

We hope this article about the many types of window hinges was useful, and we hope you carry on your day a little bit more knowledgeable than you were before you started reading!

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