QuickQuote... Online quoting, made simple!

QuickQuote was developed to make obtaining a quotation for a replacement glass unit quick, easy, and of course hassle free.

The system allows customers to cut out the wait time which comes with opting for an in-house quotation survey. To start a QuickQuote, you simply contact our customer care team through our office who will send a link direct to your phone via email.

Once received, all you need to do is grab a tape measure and crack on!

Customers can measure their condensated or cracked glass unit in minutes, and even better there’s no limit to how many you can measure.

Once you’ve completed the easy to use form and snapped some photos, you simply submit them to our dream team here at The Window Doctor who will compile your quotation. All while you enjoy that hard earned Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.

The system was designed with ease of you use at the forefront. Since launching, QuickQuote has been a huge success with new and existing customers.

Feedback from customer surveys has highlighted the value of time saving which QuickQuote allows.

Over the coming months, The Window Doctor QuickQuote system will expand to include window repairs and door repairs making the process of getting all your window and door niggles sorted even quicker and even more hassle free!

We look forward to helping you soon, and remember - Why Replace... We Repair...