My UPVC window handle has broken

Your window goes through a lot, from long hot summer days when they are wide open to let the cool breeze in to those rushing out the door scenarios when you run around the house slamming them all shut! (we’ve all done it)

Over time, by accident or sometimes deliberately the handles on your UPVC windows will become lose or fail entirely. So, we’ve put together this useful article to explain how to deal with it!

No matter the reason, it’s important to repair or replace them as soon as possible. Better still, it’s more cost effective than you may think!

When to replace your UPVC Window handle, and when not too…

This may seem an obvious question, but before you call our customer service team here at The Window Doctor, always check if the screws holding the handle to the window frame are tight.

After time, and after a lot of use, the screws can become lose, making the handle wobbly and sometimes affecting its ability to function.

Checking this is simple, just follow the steps below.

  • Open the handle so it’s at 90 degrees to the window frame and tighten the screw which should now be able to see. (Its normally concealed by the handle when it’s in the closed position.
  • Ensure you only use a hand screwdriver to do this, a power tool is not necessary and will potentially damage the handle and window frame.
  • Once complete close the window and move the handle into the closed position.
  • Using a Stanley knife, or thin scraper, take off the ‘snap in’ cover to reveal the second holding screw at the other end of the handle base.
  • Tighten this screw and replace the ‘snap in’ cover.

Once complete your handle has now been tightened to the frame! The above process is possible for anyone with some DIY experience and a few basic hand tools. If, however, you do not feel able to that, or would be more comfortable leaving it to the experts, then contact our friendly team to arrange an appointment.

Replacing a broken window handle

If your window handle is a little bit more along the beaten track than just being lose, then it may be that the handle is broken. The biggest failure with the handles themselves is that the handle cracks internally meaning in it not being able to have any purchase on the spindle, resulting in the handle spinning 360 degrees without opening the window.

The second most common breakage in window handles is the handle breaking off from the base section entirely, leaving you with no way of operating your window.

Both scenarios will result in the need for the faulty handle to be removed and a new one installed. Widow handles come in a huge selection of colours and designs. It is also important to ensure the correct spindle length is chosen to ensure it works with your existing window lock.

Because of this, we stock a wide variety of handles with a selection of colours, designs and spindle lengths.

Having a broken window handle replaced by The Window Doctor is cost effective, quick and can save hundreds of pounds compared to replacing your entire window.

Our team can arrange a free appointment to diagnose any faults and repair rather than replace, ensuing your windows are back to full health.

Remember, Why Replace… We Repair…