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Is it possible to repair a broken UPVC window lock?

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What types of locks and mechanisms are used in UPVC windows?

There are various types of uPVC window locks available depending on the age, manufacturer and location of your window. These include shoot bolt locks, espagnolette locks and multi-point locks.

Shoot bolt and Espagnolette locks are the most used in residential UPVC windows.

Can you replace the lock withough replacing the whole UPVC window?


One of the many advantages of UPVC windows is that when the lock or part of the locking mechanism fails, it doesn't mean the end of the road for your window.

Windows can last a long time, but individual components such as the locking mechanism can last a lost less, especially if it’s a window with heavy use! The locking gearbox in the majority of windows is hidden inside the frame itself.

The process to repair the issue commonly starts with gaining access to the frame itself. Once done, the failed mechanism then needs to be accessed, removed and the type identified so that the correct replacement can be chosen. The replacement mechanism is then installed which matches the profile of your window frame internals, and finally, a new or existing handle is re-affixed. Once completed, your window will be back to full working order at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window!

The process takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to around 45 minutes depending on the window material, location, and position in which the window lock failed in. (open or closed), for a price guide click here.

In conclusion, replacing just the faulty window lock is fast ad cost-effective. When considering options for your windows, it is worth exploring the possibility of repair before opting for a full replacement.

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