How long should a UPVC door last?

The easy answer to this question is that we don’t know. The lifetime of a UVPC door will vary from home to home and it can typically depend on a range of factors such as the quality, installation, and placement of doors and windows. On average, double glazing lasts for 20 years, however anything in the range of 10-35 years can be seen.

One of the biggest factors affecting the longevity of your UVPC doors is the quality of the raw materials. The quality of materials used to make the door will decide whether it is low-grade or high-grade UPVC. Although white is the most common colour used for a UPVC door, they are actually available in a whole range of different colours to suit your design tastes. The longevity of the colour of your door will largely depend on the ratio of chemical components used during production.

When you decide upon a UPVC door for your home this year, it is important for you to choose a supplier of high-quality UVPC as this will drastically change the projected longevity and strength of your door. In order for your door to last throughout the years and stay in top condition, it is important to go for the best possible quality at all times.

One of the biggest factors that will help to determine the longevity of your UVPC door is the weather conditions. The weather has a huge impact on your UVPC doors and it is something that will cause damage to the door over time as well as weathering, particularly with red-toned colours. It is important for you to consider the impact of weather in your area and make sure that you choose the sturdiest door you can to ensure it does not succumb to the elements too swiftly.

How do I maintain a UVPC door?

So now that you know how long a UVPC door will typically last, it is time to talk about some of the ways you can maintain it and extend its lifespan.

One of the first ways that you can better maintain a UVPC door is to clean it twice a year. Your UVPC door is like any other door in the house, and now and again it needs to be cleaned to stop parts from rusting or getting covered in grime and dirt. When wiping down your door, use warm soapy water and avoid using products that contain ammonia. You can also consider oiling the locking mechanism now and again to keep it running smoothly for longer.

If your UVPC has seen better days and needs some TLC, be sure to visit our door repairs page and find out what we can offer in terms of repairs and maintenance. We offer a range of repairs to help keep your door healthy for longer.