How do I know if my windows need replacing?

Windows are worn out

For timber windows, after years of harsh weather and bright sunshine, it's possible that your window frames are beyond repair. If they're soft to the touch or brittle at the corners, water penetration and rot have most likely occurred and are indicators that your window frames have come to the end of their life cycle. For UPVC, it may be less obvious at first glance. Substantial fading to the colour, sagging to the top of the frames and in some cases cracks to the plastic itself are all signs that replacement may be the most effective option.

Energy bills are high

If you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up in price higher than they should, it might be because your windows aren’t keeping in enough heat and your radiators are working harder to keep your home warm. Depending on the age of your window frames, you may have multiple options to tackle this. Option one, the most effective solution is to replace the glass units for newer, more efficient glass units. Foe older UPVC Windows this can often be a great way to improve energy retention while saving the pennies!

The second option is to replace the entire window (this would include the frame and glass). Of course, this comes at a larger cost, but if your window frames have substantially deteriorated it may be the most viable option.

Windows are difficult (or impossible) to open and close

Windows that are difficult to open are in most cases great patients for getting repaired. From window locks, handles and hinges our expert team have almost limitless ways to get windows operating like new.

While you may want to keep your windows closed during the winter, it’s still important to have the ability to open and close them for ventilation or for means of escape in an emergency. If you can’t easily open or close your windows, it might be time to look at our window repairing service however, if your frame itself is warped then a repair may not be a viable option. Over the years, sunlight and severe temperature changes can cause UPVC Frames to move and warp, and sometimes, the movement is so large that the casement will not fit back into the frame. In this situation replacement is the only cause of action.

Windows are draughty

If you’re feeling a draft in your home it could be because your windows aren’t fitting properly anymore. This could be due to a number of reasons such as age and general wear and tear or they have become warped through years of temperature changes. Failing to rectify this problem will lead to; water getting into your home, higher energy bills and lots of external noise coming into your home. Thankfully, our repair services including resealing to the window frames, replacing gaskets to opening windows and doors or replacing hinges to ensure a tight fit in the casement. So do you ever need to replace draughty windows? Well, the main two reasons why a repair wouldn't work for draughty windows are; the frame has become warped, resulting in the openers or perimeter frame not fitting snug in the void or the window installation was of poor quality. No matter the reason, our expert team can diagnose the issue during a survey appointment.

You don’t have double glazing

Double glazing has huge benefits over traditional single glazed. From soundproofing to energy saving the benefits are endless. However, due to the profile of single pane window frames, it is not possible, to refit a double glazed unit into single frames in the majority of cases. In this case, this is one of those times when replacement is advised over repair.

Condensation build up between glass layers or cracked window glass

Condensation between units, commonly known as misty or cloudy glass is the visible effect of a breakdown in the unit itself. It means the glass unit is no longer functioning correctly and among many issues mostly creates an aesthetic issue.

But don't panic, condensation in any glass unit does not mean you need to replace your entire widows. Whether it be UPVC, timber or aluminium our expert team can replace just the glass unit leaving your existing frames alone. Saving you time, hassle and most importantly money!