5 Cost-Effective Options To Make Your Windows & Doors Feel Like New This Winter!


Glass is the only part of your home that allows light to come into your home, it’s also the only part fi the house which picture frames your favourite view. Replacing the entire window can sometimes be expensive, and time consuming. UPVC window frames, even older ones are designed to allow the glass units to be changed for new while leaving the existing frames in place. New glass units can improve efficiency in your home while ensure that picture perfect view is enjoyed without interruption.


Your home is a place where, after a day in a January winters day, you can relax on the sofa in the warmth of your living room. This is no place to have draughts and cold winds whistling though!

The majority of draughts through windows are caused by faults in hinges due to wear and tear or sometimes a defect. Replacing the friction hinges is simple, cost effective and offers piece of mind to you that your evenings will be spent in comfort within your home.


Are old and tatty handles making you hate your current windows? Replacing your windows can be costly and is not always necessary. If your casements are in good condition, a refresh and service could prolong their life and revitalise their look.

One major component that can be changed is the window handles, replacing with fresh new ones or adding a splash of colour can really improve the look for your existing windows without the hassle of replacing the entire frames. Chrome, gold or even brushed silver are all options, the only thing you have to do is pick which colour!


The front door is the gateway to your home, and the letter plate is front and centre. A tiered looking or damaged letter plate can make your front door look old and warn. A simple replacement is a fraction of the cost of a new door and can really refresh your existing door. Available in a wide range of colours and styles its go to option to give your door a new lease of life this January. Package it together with a new door handle to complete the look!


It’s the same old story, the patio door won’t slide open but its winter, so you decide to delay getting it looked at until summer, then the one day of summer comes and goes and you never were able to use the door to make the most of the sunshine In your garden!

Don’t delay, the majority of patio door issues are as a result of rollers on the bottom failing or becoming so worn out, they can’t operate. Luckily, we are the experts are replacing these and can have your patio door back to full health in no time!

Hopefully the above give you some inspiration and knowledge on how to get your windows and doors looking and feeling like new this January.

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