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3 Most Common Patio Door Issues

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Patio doors come in a variety of sizes and materials. The older style is usually manufactured of aluminium and the newer styles are very often UPVC.

After a long period or a lot of use, they can become difficult to open, lock and even misalign. Below we look at the 3 most common patio door issues and of course, how to solve them.

The 3 most common issues are:

1) Faulty Patio Roller
2) Misty glass units
3) Broken patio door handle

1) Faulty Patio Rollers

Patio door rollers are the wheels that roll along a track that allows your door to open and close. Due to the weight of the door, over time these rollers can wear down and become stiff and difficult to operate.

The great news is that all patio rollers from all the manufacturers are available as parts only – meaning that we can replace just the rollers, saving you thousands on a new patio door system.

The task includes removing the door from the track, removing the old and failed rollers and then identifying which ones they are. Once identified, the track which houses the rollers is cleaned and inspected and the new rollers are installed. Now the door can be lifted back onto the track for the next stage, the alignment.

Often this can be the longest part of a patio door repair, as the rollers have adjusters built within them which raise and lower each side of the door to ensure it is level and aligns with the frame and locking system.

2) Misty or Condensated Glass

Condensation between glass occurs when the seal between the glass units breaks down. This breakdown can occur due to poor installation, excessive heat changes or just age. No matter the reason, a misty glass unit in your patio door can be a real eye sore and, in many cases, spoil the view of a beloved garden.

As with all windows and doors, replacing the glass only is the most cost-effective and efficient way to solve the issue. Patio doors are manufactured with the ability to ‘de-glaze’ the glass which allows the glass unit to be removed without damaging the door frame.

Once removed, a new glass unit can be installed giving your patio door a new lease of life for years to come.

No matter how bad the condensation is in your patio door glass, be safe in the knowledge that the glass can be replaced without the need to replace the entire door system – Great news isn’t it!

3) Broken Patio Door Handle

Unlike front door handles, patio door handles are often a little more complicated and bespoke. So, when the fateful day comes, and your patio door handle literally takes its’s last turn it can be hard to know what to do.

To put you at ease off the startling line, yes, your handle can be replaced. But first, what breaks and why?

The handle on a patio often has a lever to engage the lock system, these levers are usually made of plastic which becomes brittle and cracks. If the metal section of the handle is damaged or breaks, however, the problem may be related to another issue already discussed – The rollers…

As the patio rollers wear down, the door will be harder and harder to pull open and closed, therefore outing more pressure on the handle which in some cases will cause the handle t break off or components to fail as they are used under excessively stress. To avoid these handle related issues. Make sure you keep on top of your patio rollers and track, the more proactive you are on these items, the lower the risk you are of needing to pay out for a patio door handle repair.

To summarise…

Patio doors are expensive to replace, so when they go wrong, no one wants to be hit with a big bill to replace them. No matter how small your patio door issue is, don’t ignore It, a simple repair or re-alignment could save you from paying a hefty bill to replace your patio door.

If you have any further questions or wish to speak to a member of the team about any window or door repair then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 01455 850282 or shoot us an email!

We look forward to helping you soon, and remember - Why Replace... We Repair...