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Can you repair a uPVC door?

When you have something wrong with a uPVC door, the last thing you should do is attempt anything that might make it worse. Of course, there are many potential problems that can occur with a uPVC door, and even the best-made ones are going to struggle from time to time with various issues.

Some issues might include:

  • The door handle becoming stiff to operate
  • The door itself is becoming hard to open or catching on the frame
  • The glass within the door condensating or becoming cracked.
  • Hinges failing or becoming worn.
  • Other issues such as a damaged or faded door panel.

Whatever problems have arisen for you and your uPVC door, the main thing to remember is that lots of these issues are fixable without the need to replace the entire door.

How Much Does uPVC Door Repair Cost?

Because each situation is unique, there is always going to be a bespoke cost for each door repair. That means that you can’t know exactly how much it is likely to cost you until you find yourself in that situation. But to take an average estimation, you can generally expect a uPVC door repair to cost anywhere from £62 for door adjustments and servicing, right up to around £600 to fully replace a Upvc door panel depending on colour and design.

As you can see, the potential cost does vary greatly, so you will need to get a quote to see what you are likely to pay for your specific door repair job, as required. One other thing to remember is that it costs nothing to find out. A visit from one of our technicians costs you nothing, and during the visit they can diagnose the issue and provide a quote meaning you know exactly how much the repair will cost before you agree to anything.

Common Door Repairs

There are a number of common door repair jobs that you might need carried out, such as:

  • Door alignment.
  • Failed double glazing.
  • Faulty door locks.
  • Broken and worn hinges.
  • Damaged handles.
  • Damage letterbox.
  • Worn/missing gaskets.
  • Scratched/dented door panels.
  • Faded door panels
    And more...

Whatever the issue is with your uPVC door, be sure to get a quote for the specific work that needs doing.

What Factors Affect uPVC Door Repair Costs?

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when you are having a door repair carried out, including:

  • The extent of the damage. More damage will take longer to fix and potentially require more elements to be replaced.
  • Length of time to carry out the job. Some repairs involve more labour than others, for example, some lock manufacturers require a certain skill set to work on them, which requires more time and so can affect the price.
  • Materials required. Not all UPVC door hinges are the same, we always do our best to offer value for money, but some manufacturers are more costly than others. This means that depending on the door brand you have, parts from that manufacturer may be higher or lower than some others on the market. The main thing to remember though is that we can source most parts from all major manufacturers… even ones which are no longer in business!

If you need to have your uPVC door repaired, don’t worry that it means the end for your existing door. Get in touch with the experts at The Window Doctor. We will be more than happy to help you diagnose and fix the majority of UPVC door issues.